Counting objects to 5 exercises - Count with objects 1-5

Count to 5 practice for kids

Hola! Here is another fantastic combination of counting objects to 5 exercises. Here, kids will learn to count with objects 1 – 5. Considering the fact that the groups of objects are not orderly arranged from 1 to 5, this exercise will enable kids to develop different mental images of quantities.

This is so easy, as kids will only need to use the method of finger to objects correspondence. Moreover, they can equally count the objects, then determine its correct number from its last number name counted.

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A good way to improve kisd counting up to 5 skill

We have a great number and straight forward Count to 5 practice for kids that will give them a continuous or repeated counting strategy.

As kids practice to count time and again, they are in essence developing not only a high sense of rote counting, but also a good sense of numeral identification.

This however will build much confidence in a child as he keeps on working with math and number concepts. Thus, creating a huge love for math.

Example - how many objects are there?

Hey! This exercise is very easy. You simply need to count and tell how many objects are there.

count objects up to 5

As we are now able to identify and recognize each number’s name from 1 to 5, then it won’t take you long to have an excellent score in the exercise in general.

  • We begin by counting the group of objects in the set. ‘→1, →2, →3
  • Next, we take note of the number name of last item counted. ‘The number name is 3
  • Since ‘3’ is the correct answer, we now click on 3 from the sequence of numbers below

1 2 3 4 5

‘Wow! It’s very easy’.

Click on next to continue partaking in this awesome exercise.’’

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