Counting to 20 using ten frames - Show numbers up to 20 on ten frames

Learn how to count up to 20

As kids already learnt counting numbers 1 through 20, then an excellent way to reinforce this skill to them will be by counting to 20 using ten frames.

Ten frames are an amazing tool used in preschool for kids to better understand counting. Moreover, this ten frames idea is going to make counting very effective, quick and simple for kids.

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Understand how to count up to 20 the easiest way with ten frame counting activity

Considering the fact that ten frame representation is a well-structured and visual tool, it is very easy to show numbers up to 20 on ten frames. Thus, the several different ways of learn how to count up to 20 provides kids with an appropriate understanding and fluency with numbers 1 – 20.

Thinking about numbers up to 20 using ten frames is a helpful way to make counting easy.

Since there are two ten frames as we count to 20, then, one ten frame fully filled with objects will make counting very easy for kids. Consider that kids begin counting to 20 using ten frames, just looking at the one fully filled ten frames, they will immediately think of having already counted up to 10 objects.

In this case, they’ll now begin counting from 11 on the next ten frame. This method in reality greatly develops a mental math skill in kids.

Example – how many objects are on the frame?

Hey kids, as we've discussed above, how many objects are on the frame is a very simple exercise.

count numbers up to 20

- One of the two ten frames is fully filled with objects.

count numbers up to 20

- Just looking at the fully filled ten frames above, our thought have immediately led us to 10 objects considering the fact that it’s on a ten frame.

- As such, considering that we have already counted up to 10, we’ll now continue counting objects on the next ten frames from number 11

- Ok. Let’s count;   11,     12,     13,    14,    15.

count numbers up to 20

Our last counted object is 1 and 5 = 15, so we’ll write 15 on the box below.

- Bravoooo! It’s very easy.

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