Counting to 3 - How to count up to three

Learn how to count up to 3

Counting to 3 is the basis of early math counting skill to preschoolers. It is so easy for kids to know how to count up to three, but then, counting does not only entail reciting the numbers, but being able to know how these numbers function. As such, our counting to 3 fun exercises gives freely to kids this foundational knowledge needed to pave the way to future math success.

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The aspect of learn how to count up to 3 helps in developing math skill in everyday life. This is because kids can easily learn counting from everyday activities and plays.

As a result, parents should encourage them to most often count their fingers, toes and every other object around them. That notwithstanding, we have plenty exercises with numbers and objects for kids to count and tell how many of those objects are there.

This will however enable them to easily learn how to count up to 3.

Example - how many objects are there?

This fun exercise of how many objects are there has been made very easy for kids. Here, you've got only one secret to master, which is "the last counting number" tells how many objects there are in the set.

The table below indicates numbers to their corresponding quantities (how many).


However, this table will direct kids in the subsequent exercise to identify and tell how many objects are there, given multiple numbers.


As you count horizontally, you'll realize that there are 2 objects, i. e. 1, 2


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