Identify number 5 - Number five recognition activity

Which group shows five?

To identify number 5 is one of the most admirable activities for kids. In fact, there are numerous things that can make the number five recognition activity easily understood. One of the things is just for kids to know that one hand has 5 fingers; one foot has 5 toes and many others.

As our fingers and toes are part of the body, we’ve got to at all times have a one-to-one correspondence with our fingers and any objects in determining whether those objects are actually 5 in number. Furthermore, considering that kids can now count from number 1 to 4, the next number after 4 is number 5. Hence the orderly sequence goes thus; 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 .

The above knowledge will give kids a fantastic love for counting and math concepts in general. Moreover, our exercise which group shows five? are so beautiful and colorful, attractive enough for kids thereby stimulating them with a tender passion for endless numerical counting.

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Example - which group shows 5

Hey kids, in order to easily know which group shows 5, we can use any of the following simple methods;

identify number 5 - count up to five
  • Firstly, we begin by placing our hands to the group of objects
  • Secondly, we try to match each finger to every object. ( one-to-one correspondence)
  • Thirdly, any group of objects that are equal with our fingers, then that particular group shows the number 5.

Moreover, we could equally use the rote counting method by naming each object with numbers sequentially such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Here, any group of object that its last counted item names 5, then that group shows the number 5.

In our example, that group is the SECOND GROUP.

Wow! It’s so easy, isn’t it? Do you love to do more exercises of which group shows 5? Simply click on Next to continue your number five recognition activity.

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