Identifying number 1 - Number one recognition test

Which group show 1 ?

As we mold kids to identifying number 1, we are in essence giving them a fantastic foundation to begin succeeding from preschool to elementary and of course beyond. The number one recognition test is a medium for Introducing very basic mathematical expressions to kids like identifying single object. This however is an excellent way to make kids find math concepts very easy and interesting.

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One of the easiest ways to identify number 1 is by using the finger.

The number 1 being a self-sufficient number makes it very easy for kids to tell which group shows 1.

For sure, the number 1 means 'alone'. It has no companion.

To be in certainty, a child should simply lift up only his index finger, as can be seen below:


That said, our exercises are wonderfully designed for kids to instinctively identify number 1.

Example - which group shows 1?

Hey! As you remember kids, the object you see 'alone' in a set shows the number 1, okay! Good.

Let's go. → numbers-1-recognition

Yeah! I told you it's gonna be easy, not so? Actually, there are three groups of objects as seen above.

The only group which is 'alone' and has no companion is the first, with the blue color. Thus, the number 1.

That is awesome! Keep enjoying your number one recognition test.

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