Identifying number 2 - Number two recognition test

Which group show 2 ?

Identifying number 2 is an outstanding base for building relationships between numbers. As a matter of fact, it gives a concrete awareness of the similarity, and difference between the numbers 1 and 2 and of course several other numbers.

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In our number two recognition test, the difference between the number two and other numbers is clear, thereby enabling kids to instinctively tell which group shows two.

More importantly, kids should note that immediately after 1, comes the number 2. Thus, we will now lift our index and middle fingers up to stipulate 2, as can be seen below:


Moreover, in identifying the number 2, kids will say the number names, while touching the object being counted one at a time.

Example - which group shows 2?

Aha! Kids, as we all know the meaning of 1 ok, then we have to understand that 1 and another 1 object gives 2 objects.

So as you observe the beautiful sets of objects, you'll begin counting each object in each set from 1, up to 2, such as → 1    -    2

identifying number 2

From our first exercise, there is a set of "lady bugs", "a dot" and "fingers".

As we begin counting from the first set of groups of lady bugs, we realize that there is a

  • 1 and another 1 lady bug, thus 2 lady bugs
  • Again, We could also do our normal every day counting of 1, 2. Yeah, immediately after 1 is 2.

Hurrayyyy! The first set or group of objects shows the number 2.

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