Identifying number 3 - Number three recognition test

Which group show 3 ?

Kids gradually develop their number sense skills as they strive in Identifying number 3. Since counting is an essential component of math, kids can best improve their reasoning skills by engaging in the number three recognition test.

Moreover, considering the fact that kids can now readily count and recognize the numbers 1 and 2, the number 3 will evidently be a simple task to grasp. Reasons being that the memory of 1 and 2 are still very fresh to kids, thus 3 added.

However, the tendency here is for kids to develop a strong aptitude and to instantly see how many objects are there in a set.

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Most kids will best succeed in the counting process when they can actually visualize and in fact touch objects. To this effect therefore, for them to immediately tell which group shows 3, we have made available, beautiful objects colorful enough for kids to see and point while counting.

Example - Which group shows 3?

Hey kids, we have three sets of objects before us, with the aim of determining which one of them shows 3.

It's easy, isn't it? For sure yes.

We will begin by counting every object per group. It goes thus 1, 2, 3. This shows that any set of object with the above counted numbers is therefore the set with 3 objects.

So, let's point and place numbers under each object below;


Hurraayyy! Only the last group (apples) show the number 3, because they have been counted 1, 2 and 3

Wow! It is very simple. So you've got to enjoy plenty of these exercises.

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