Identifying Primary Colors - Learn color basics

Learn primary colors vocabulary

Primary colors are the basic or main colors amongst every other color. Identifying primary colors is therefore of vital importance to every kid, as it creates a cognitive link between visual clues and words.

There actually exist so many colors with different names, grouped into three categories namely primary, secondary and tertiary colors. In other to know the reason for the existence of these different categories, we need to first of all learn color basics.

Now, primary colors are independent, i.e. they do not depend on any color for their existence. In the same light, secondary colors are formed from the combination of primary colors, while tertiary colors are formed by combining primary and secondary colors

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A preschooler at a young age is apt to have a perfect mastery of the three primary colors, because it is the basis for which all other colors are created. These three primary colors are blue, yellow and red.
Definitely it will be very easy to learn primary colors vocabulary, i.e. being able to identify a color's name to its corresponding paint.

As you obtain our preschool fun math practice, just be confident that your kid will easily learn primary colors vocabulary very easily. We have efficiently attributed each color to a specific object, bright enough to make a child easily know the particular color just from a glance.

Example: Just a glance and identify the color

Hey, there are just three colors for you to just glance and identify which one of them is red, blue or yellow.

The fun part of it is the sweet audio asking you:

"which one is yellow?"

flowers-with-primary-colors - Learn color basics

For sure, the three beautiful flowers are made up of blue, yellow and red colors.

Therefore, the yellow color is the last and third flower.

Excellent. I love this!!!

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