Logical reasoning - Sharing game - Develop critical thinking skills

Critical thinking games for kids

Logical reasoning is an effective way to think critically so as to come to a good conclusion. Notably, it is a fundamental life skill that kids must acquire at an early age.

Learning to share is one aspect that requires a lot of critical thinking. It however can be a great challenge for kids.

That is why we have awesome and fun logical reasoning – sharing games that will help kids easily develop critical thinking skills of fairness in sharing.

Notwithstanding, having obtained this skill, kids can now be able to have a self-assessment then confidently judge things around them correctly. It should equally be noted that children at a young age naturally are so curious and inquisitive.

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Important facts about Logical reasoning sharing game for kids

In this process, they obtain concrete information, analyze it, and then judge it logically. This therefore serve as a good foundation to develop critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking games for kids involves a lot of logical reasoning, and a key to concrete decisions. Equally, solving math concepts requires critical thinking in order to make good judgments and concrete decisions.

Consequently, our sharing games will enhance kids understanding of math concepts, but in an enjoyable and fun way. Moreover, division as a math concept will no longer be new to kids, as they move to elementary classes, considering the fact that they are already versed with the sharing game.

Do you want your child to become very smart, ant to easily develop critical thinking skills? Then engage him in our excellent logical reasoning – sharing game.

Example – distribute the fish taking into account cats’ size

-Hey kids, we need to put our heads together and think critically before distributing.

-I think we can actually see two fish and two cats. Ok.

Logical reasoning game - sharing things

-So, we have been asked to distribute the fish taking into account cats’ size.    

-The phrase “cats’ size” above is simply telling us that the two cats are not equal in sizes.

-Aha! I can now see. There is one big cat and one small cat. Also, there is one big fish and one small fish.

Very good! This therefore means that;

As I distribute, I will give the big fish to the big cat and the small fish to the small cat.

Logical reasoning game - sharing things

Bravo. Well done!

  • Click, hold on to the mouse, drag the big fish and drop in the box just below the big cat. Equally,
  • Click, hold on to the mouse, drag the small fish and drop in the box just below the small cat.

Good, then click on Random or Next to continue having an enjoyable moment as you play the game.

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