Identify the missing shape - Matching shapes with pictures game online

Identifying shapes game

Identify the missing shape is an outstanding tool for kids that possesses a good observational skill.

Considering the fact that shapes are all round us, this concept will give kids the opportunity to differentiate between the different characters each shape has. As we all know, anything interesting usually attracts the interest of kids.

Therefore, our matching shapes with pictures game online are well designed and attractive for kids to easily identify the missing shapes.

although this identifying shapes game is somehow challenging, it is so fun, interactive and a basic educational math skill.

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Identifying shapes game for critical reasoning and shapes recognition skills

Common shapes that kids will master in the identifying shapes game include the triangle, square, circle, and the heart. Considering the fact that number recognition is an early math skill, a perfect understanding of these shapes will help kids to better recognize numbers and how they look like.

As such, it suffices just for the kids to pay attention, then recognize the characteristics of all the different shapes. For instance, a triangle has three sides; a square has four equal sides and so on.

We've got very amazing shape monkey games that will drill kids to easily identify the missing shape, given the missing part of each monkey's face.

Example – find the missing shape

This game has been made very easy for kids to find the missing shape. Just consider the following guides

  • Firstly, two identical monkeys are presented, one with its complete face and the other with a missing part of the face.
  • Secondly, if we observe keenly, we’ll notice that the missing part is covered with a particular shape, having three sides.
    Logical reasoning game - Find the missing shape
    This particular shape is called a triangle.

As a matter of fact, I'm sure we can only see the monkey’s left side eye. Where then are the other parts, i.e. the right side eye, nose and mouth?

Below are multiple shapes for you to clear your doubts by choosing that which is triangular as the one above, and also possesses the missing parts.

Hey, I have observed that a triangle has three sides. So let me spot it out from the multiples below.

Yeeeaah! I got it. I have seen the triangular shape. It’s the second shape with three sides.

Logical reasoning game - Find the missing part 2

Moreover, this triangle is exactly the missing part of the monkey’s face, because it has the monkey’s right side eye, its nose, and its mouth.

Huraayyyy! I spotted it so easily. I want more exercises.

“Are you really sure you want more exercises? Ok. Just click on the triangle, then click on Next to continue with the fun game”

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