Object-Color Associations - Identify and Match Colors Test

Color Activities For Kids

Helooooo kidos, we are going to perform an object-color association. It is very easy. In other words, it's simply an identify and match colors test. Here, you are expected to identify a color-specific object with the given color on the brush.

Just consider engaging your child in this fun color activities for kids, wow I bet you, she'll easily develop an excellent cognitive ability. Moreover, you'll definitely boost of her thinking, remembering and reasoning capacity.
There are however numerous exciting color activities that will give your kids much pleasure and a love for more interactive math games.

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Carefully observe the color that is on the brush, then select object painted as the color

  • Hmmm. As you click on play, just listen to the audio instruction, instructing you to "carefully observe the color that is on the brush". Yeah! For sure, if you observe well, you'll notice that the color on the brush is red. learn color basics

  • Secondly, when you click on the voice button down, a voice will again tell you to "select the object that is painted with the same color" above

Good! There are 3 objects with 3 different colors.

Simply select the object that is painted the same as the color you observed above.

Identifying Primary Colors

Wow! It's so great. When you click on the right object and summit, quickly click on "Next" or "Random" to enjoy the plenty funny color activities for kids.

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