Represent numbers 1 to 3 using objects - Quantifying numbers up to 3

Learn how to count up to 3

As we continue with our fun math exercises, we are now going to represent numbers 1 to 3 using objects. This is just to enhance an effective counting skill and number sense in kids. It should be noted that kids at an early age have a rapid cognitive development, with their brains developing so rapidly. This however entails that a habitual or frequent quantifying numbers up to 3, will enable a rapid advancement in mathematical skills. As such, we have extensively formulated wonderful and colorful objects for kids to learn how to count up to 3.

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Example - Which group shows the following number?

Now kids, in every exercise, you will be given a particular number, and sets of objects below. The main objective here will be for you to count and identify which set of object corresponds to that particular number.

In other to get the correct answer, we've got to first of all.

count up to 3 objects

Recognize the given number. "Yes! I know. It's number 1"

Next, you begin counting objects from every set to see which set has 1 object.

We all know that the number 1 is a self-sufficient number, or number with no companion right?

Yes perfectly.

Good! So we look for any object with no companion, or we count just once, as such " 1 "

Bravoooo! The first group (eraser) shows the number 1, because it is alone, or with no companion.

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