Shadow matching game online - Visual discrimination test online

Match pictured children with their shadows

Shadow matching game online is a basic math skill that help our little ones identify relationships between items, objects or pictures. Hence, the qualities of this game, such as its simple and fun nature will give a lot of interest and joy to kids.

It is also of great importance that kids should engage themselves in our visual discrimination test online so as to appropriately train their visual memory and develop an intense concentration skill.

In addition to this, the shadow matching game online helps to develop a high sense of reasoning and comparison as kids match pictures to their real shadows.

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Shadow matching game to enhance kids' visual discrimination

The match pictured children with their shadows exercise is made up of very clear and presentable pictures with the intention of building an excellent visual discrimination skill in kids.

The way kids are trying to find difference and similitude between pictures' elements will help them to enhance their visual discrimination skill and their critical reasoning skill.

In this way, our shadow matching game online will be very interactive.

Reasons being that each child will try to observe so keenly in order to grab the difference and similarity between the pictured child and the shadows.

As a results, kids will become very smart, and will also develop a great cognitive skill. However, as kids gradually master their matching skills, it will entice them to have a fun and enjoyable moment, thus a love for math concepts.

Example – match the picture with its shadow

shadow matching game

Ooops kidos, as we observe this our fun exercise, you'll notice a one pictured child and two shadows below.

The only thing you need to do here is to match the picture with its shadow, i.e. you match the shadow that has similar elements with the picture.

So, let's first of all observe the differences and similarities of the shadows and the pictured child, beginning with the first shadow;

With the first shadow; one of his legs is lifted up, while the pictured child's legs are all down.

Therefore, the first shadow has an element different from that of the pictured child.

But with the second shadow; All his legs are placed down same as those of the pictured child.

Again, his two hands are lifted up, so too are those of the pictured child.

Yeaaah! The second shadow has elements which are the same as those of the pictured child. Thus a correct match.

Excellent! Keep having fun. Having clicked on the second shadow, which is the correct answer, quickly click on Random or Next to have more fun.

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