Sorting and Matching Colors - Learning Colors Activities For Kids

Sorting by color Activities

Sorting and matching colors provides a perfect cognitive development for kids. This is because the sorting by color activities helps them to quickly notice and reason out that some colors are alike, while others are different.

Learning color activities for kids also easily develop a child's understanding of math skills. Since they already know that some things are alike, while some are different, it gradually molds them to the knowledge of grouping common and mixed sets when they grow up.

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Our sorting by color activities are so fun. Kids can best enjoy this game as objects are painted with very bright colors attractive enough to grab their interest into the context. In other, not to confuse kids, only 3 images are presented for kids to determine the image with a different color.

Example - Which image has a different color

As earlier mentioned, there are just 3 images with two colors alike, and one color different. As such, you've got to simply click on the voice button and listen to the audio instruction, telling you:

"Which image has a different color?"

Ok. It is now left on you to observe and determine the image that has a different color.

Learning Colors Activities For Kids

It's very easy right. The cock and the worm have same colors, i.e. red and red, meanwhile the big lemon rather has a yellow color.

Yeeah! I'll simply select and click on the yellow lemon, since its own color is different from that of the cock and apple.

Very good! That said, continue enjoying this sweet game by clicking on Next button below.

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