Size worksheets for preschool - Pre-K Free Size comparison printable

Size comparison activities for preschoolers

Size worksheets for preschool are perfect tools that stimulate a child’s intellectual and social development. As kids love exploring the world around them, they tend to observe the characteristics of everything they see.

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Important fact about size comparison activities for kids

Hence, as you grab our pre-k free size comparison printable, you are in actual sense providing kids with an early introduction to the relative extent of things around them i.e. dimension or magnitude, in relation to their different sizes.

Therefore, these Size comparison activities for preschoolers which are so colorfully designed, encompasses comparative antonyms of sizes of objects such as long/short; short/tall and light/heavy.

Easily master size comparison – important elements for kids

It is interesting to note that for kids to easily master size comparison, the first important element is for them to know the description of each sized comparison. For instance, short measures a small height or distance from end to end, whereas tall measures a greater height; light measures a smaller weight whereas heavy measures a greater weight and long measures a greater distance from end to end.

The second important element however is for kids to note that one individual or thing cannot be compared. Rather, two things or more placed side by side are usually compared in order to meaningfully describe length, height or weight.

Considering the fact that worksheets are excellent learning tools for kids, they will have an enjoyable moment as they engage in our size comparison activities for preschoolers. These activities are made up of everyday objects, thereby making the kids embrace and love math concepts, rather than fear it.

As earlier said, we will now move to our fun activities which include determining which objects are long/short; short/tall and light/heavy.

Oh yes, they are very easy and straight to the point.

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