Shapes worksheets for Preschool - Pre-K Free Basic shapes for toddlers

Names and identifying basics shapes

Identifying different shapes is an effective way to get a better coordination and develop thinking skills in kids. So, we have made available a great number of different shapes in our shapes worksheets for preschool.

In addition, our pre-k free basic shapes for toddlers will offer kids super exciting skills to easily familiarize with names and identifying basic shapes.

Hence, this will go a long way to help encourage critical thinking skills in kids in divergent ways.

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Important fact about shapes activities for kids

For our young learners to be able to familiarize with names and identifying basic shapes, the first thing will be for them to master the number of sides and corners of each shape.

Moreover, they will need to be fully engage and equally have a daily practice of the pre-k free basic shapes for toddlers.

Evidently, kids will easily effectuate the differences that exists between basic shapes such as the square, triangle, rectangle, circle and the star.

Mastering basic shapes - different attributes of shapes

Considering the fact that every object around us has a particular shape, mastering basic shapes is therefore of utmost important to early learners.

This will help them know at any moment the description of any item or object they see in relation to its shape. As earlier said, kids must first of all master different attributes of basic shapes in terms of number of sizes and corners.

These shapes include:

  • Square - it has four corners and four equal sides.
  • Triangle - it has three sides and three corners.
  • Rectangle - it has four corners and four sides. Here, the length of each side is the same as the one opposite to it.
  • Circle - it is a round and has no sides nor corners.
  • Star - it has five pointed corners sticking out and five indentations between them.

With the knowledge of attributes of different shapes, we’ve got to move to identifying each shape from numerous shapes.

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