Decimals worksheets for Grade 5 with answers - Understanding of the decimals concept grade 5

Converting Decimals to Fractions Worksheets Pdf

Available here are outstanding decimal worksheets for grade 5 with answers. They have been created to provide kids with an ideal understanding of the decimal concept grade 5. As a vital skill in the decimal concept, our converting decimals to fractions worksheets pdf will offer kids a simple step by step method of how to convert decimals to fractions formula and vice versa.

In a more remarkable way, the uniqueness of our decimal worksheets stems from the fact that its designs and exercises will offer kids the ability to accurately use decimals both in any field of studies and in everyday life.

Important facts about decimals for grade 5

It should be noted that mastering decimal numbers is highly important in cases where precise and accurate sums, amounts or numbers are required.

In a practical way, our fun decimal exercises with models and word problems have been specially designed to help kids easily understand place value in decimals, round and compare decimal numbers, convert /compare decimals and fractions, etc.

How and why is decimal place value important in mastering decimal numbers?

As one of the objectives in our decimal worksheets for grade 5 with answers, we aim at helping kids to know how and why decimal place value is important in mastering decimal numbers.

Before looking at its importance, we must understand that a decimal number must have a point somewhere in the number. As this point separates left and right numbers, so does each number has its unique place and value.

Following its importance, understanding place value helps kids to accurately compare decimal numbers, i.e. knowing which decimal number is bigger or smaller

How and why is decimal place value important in mastering decimal numbers?

Given for example the number 6.43271, its place values will be;

( 6 )  Whole numbers (right)

( . ) decimal point

( 43271 )  fractional part (left)













Ten thousandths

Hundred thousandths

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