Counting shapes up to 10: A fun and easy lesson plan for Pre-K and K

  • Counting shapes up to 10: A fun and easy lesson plan for Pre-K and K
    Children discovering shapes and numbers up to 10 - BING
  • To all math tutors who want to teach counting shapes up to 10 to pre-k and K kids, this fun and easy lesson plan is for you. This comprehensive lesson focuses on counting shapes up to 10, combining hands-on activities, visual aids, and an interactive video to foster a strong foundation in shape recognition and counting skills.

    Watch and listen to your kids count fluently and recognize basic shapes after completing this lesson.

Learning to count up to 10 and recognize shapes with fun activities for Pre-K and K students

Counting is one of young learners' most essential math skills. It helps them develop number sense, spatial awareness, and problem-solving skills. In this lesson plan, you will teach your students to count shapes up to 10 using a video from the mathskills4kids channel and some engaging activities.

  • Grade Level: Pre-K | Kindergarten

    Duration: 20-30 minutes

    Objectives: By the end of this lesson, your kids will be able to:

    • Identify and name different shapes
    • Count shapes up to 10
    • Compare the number of shapes in different groups
  • Previous knowledge:

    Students should have some basic knowledge of shapes and numbers, such as:

    • Recognizing and naming common shapes, such as circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, etc.
    • Counting objects up to 5
    • Matching numbers to quantities


    You will need:

    • A computer or a projector to show the video
    • Paper and crayons or markers
    • Shape cut-outs or stickers
    • A large sheet of paper or a poster board
    • A dice



    • Warm-up

      To activate students' prior knowledge and get them interested in the topic:

      • Ask them to name some shapes they see in the classroom or outside.
      • Please show them some shape cut-outs or stickers and ask them to name them.
      • Then, ask them to count how many of each shape they see. For example, "How many circles do you see? How many squares?" Praise their answers and correct any mistakes.
    • Introducing how to count shapes up to 10

      Tell the students they will watch a video that will teach them how to count shapes up to 10.

      Explain that they will see different groups of shapes and have to count how many of each shape there are.

      Show them the video from ( and pause it after each question. Ask the students to repeat the question and answer it together. For example, "How many squares are there? Let's count together. One, two, three, four. There are four squares." Repeat this process until the end of the video.

    • Practice counting shapes up to 10

      • Divide the students into small groups of 3 or 4.
      • Give each group a piece of paper and some crayons or markers.
      • Tell them they will draw their groups of shapes and count them.
      • They can choose any shape they want, but they have to draw at least two different kinds of shapes and no more than 10 shapes in total. For example, they can draw three circles and four triangles or five squares and two rectangles.
      • When they finish drawing, they must write the number of each shape below it. For example, "3 circles" or "4 triangles".
      • Then, they have to write the total number of shapes at the bottom of the paper. For example, "7 shapes".
    • Group Sharing

      • Ask each group to show their paper to the rest of the class and explain what they drew.
      • Encourage the other students to ask questions or comment about their work. For example, "I like your circles. They are very round." or "How did you count your squares?"
      • Help the students compare the number of shapes in different groups. For example, "Which group has more triangles? Which group has fewer circles?"
    • Conclusion

      • Review the main points of the lesson with the students.
      • Ask them to recall what they learned about counting shapes up to 10.
      • Ask them some questions to check their understanding. For example, "What shape has four sides? How many rectangles did you draw? How do you compare two groups of shapes?"
      • Congratulate them on their work and praise their efforts.


✨ Assessment

To assess students' learning outcomes, you can use one or more of the following methods:

  • Observe their participation and interaction during the lesson
  • Check their drawings and writings for accuracy and completeness
  • Please give them a worksheet with some groups of shapes and ask them to count and write the number of each shape and the total number of shapes
  • Please give them a dice and ask them to roll it twice and draw that number of circles and squares on paper. Then, ask them to count and write the number of each shape and the total number of shapes.


🌈 Have fun teaching and learning about counting shapes up to 10! Remember, you're doing an amazing job, teachers! 🎉 For more math videos and resources, visit our website at 🌟


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