Counting Shapes Up to 20: A Lesson Plan for Pre-k and K

  • Counting Shapes Up to 20: A Lesson Plan for Pre-k and K
    Children discovering shapes and numbers up to 20 - FREEPIK
  • Step up your children’s pace for learning math while having fun with this counting shapes up to 20 lesson plan for Pre-K and Kindergarten. This comprehensive curriculum introduces fundamental numeracy skills through vibrant visuals and hands-on activities, ensuring a solid foundation in counting and shape recognition.

    Counting is one of the most essential math skills for young learners. It helps them develop number sense, one-to-one correspondence, and cardinality.

Exploring shapes and counting with pre-k and k students: A hands-on and interactive lesson plan

In this lesson, students will practice counting shapes up to 20 using this video  from mathskills4kids channel. They will also learn the names of different shapes and how to identify them.

  • Grade Level: Pre-K | Kindergarten

    Duration: 20-30 minutes

    Objectives: By the end of this lesson, your students will be able to:

    • Count shapes up to 20
    • Name and recognize common shapes
    • Compare the number of shapes in different groups
  • Previous knowledge:

    Students should have experience counting objects up to 10 and naming basic shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles.


    You will need:

    • A device with internet access and speakers to play the video
    • Paper and crayons or markers for each student
    • Shape cut-outs or stickers (optional)



    • Warm-up

      • Ask students to name some shapes they know and draw them on the board or show them with cut-outs or stickers.
      • Review the names of the shapes and ask students to repeat them after you.
      • Ask students to count how many shapes they see on the board or in their hands and write the number next to each shape.
    • Introducing how to count shapes up to 20

      • Tell students they will watch a video that will help them count shapes up to 20.
      • Play the video from com ( and pause it after each question.
      • Ask students to answer the question aloud or by raising their hand.
      • Repeat the correct answer and praise students for their participation.
    • Practice counting shapes up to 20

      • Give each student a sheet of paper and some crayons or markers.
      • Tell them to draw shapes using different colors and sizes on their paper. They can use any shape but should draw at most 20 shapes.
      • When they are done, ask them to count how many shapes they have drawn and write the number on their paper.
      • Have them exchange their papers with a partner and check each other's work. They should count their partner's shapes and see if they agree with the number written on the paper. If not, they should discuss why and correct any mistakes.
    • Group Sharing

      • Have some pairs of students share their papers with the whole class. Ask them to show their shapes and tell how many they have drawn.
      • Ask the class to compare the number of shapes in different papers. For example, you can ask: "Who has more circles than triangles?" or "Who has fewer squares than rectangles?" or "Who has the same number of stars and hearts?"
      • Encourage students to use comparative words like more, fewer, same, etc.
    • Conclusion

      • Review the main points of the lesson. Ask students to recall what they learned about counting shapes up to 20, naming and recognizing common shapes, and comparing the number of shapes in different groups.
      • Have students sing along with the counting song at the end of the video.
      • Congratulate students for their hard work and creativity.


✨ Assessment

You can use informal observations during the warm-up, video, activity, and group sharing to assess students' understanding of the lesson objectives. You can also use a simple worksheet or quiz that asks students to count, name, and compare shapes up to 20.


🌈 Have fun teaching and learning about counting shapes up to 20! Remember, you're doing an amazing job, teachers! 🎉 For more math videos and resources, visit our website at 🌟


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