Money word problems worksheets for grade 5 - Money word problems with solutions and answers

Unit price worksheets for grade 5 and word problems pdf

Grab our super amazing money problems worksheets for grade 5, designed to help kids develop essential skills needed when using money. Also, in a bid to engage kids with real world money problems and application of math skills, we have created very simple and familiar money word problems with solutions and answers. Equally available here, are unit price worksheets for grade 5, specially formulated with thrilling problems helpful to keep your kids from costly purchase mistakes through their entire lives.

Important facts about money math for grade 5

Money math is one of those math concept in which kids will boastfully exercise their learned math skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in real life. This is true of our fun money exercises including;

Add and subtract money amount exercises and word problems, multiply and divide money amounts word problems, price list, unit price, sales prices, find the number of each type of coin.

How can money word problems worksheets for grade 5 help kids gain money experience?

How can money word problems worksheets for grade 5 help kids gain money experience?

Your kids will be opportune to grasp plenty strategies with money experiences provided by our money word problems with solutions and answers.

One very exciting strategy that will stimulate kid’s love and interest for this resource is the simplest way of calculating sales price. Given that everyone prefer buying things on sale in order to save money,  this exercise will be of particular significant to your kids as they’ll easily learn how to calculate discounts and sales price anywhere and at any time even without a calculator.

Easily calculate sales price

Given for instance that the original price of a good is $40 and a 25% discount, you’ll first of all;

  • Calculate the discount by dividing 25 by 100, then multiply by 40, 
    i.e.   25/100  40 = 10

  • Next, calculate the sales price by subtracting the discount from the original price, 
    i.e.  $40$10 = $30

  • Therefore, your sales price is $30.

Wow, very simple and quick.

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