One or many: difference between one and many

Make or identify a set of 2 or more objects

Huh, grabbing one or many: difference between one and many is so fantastic. In fact, it is just an exceptional way to effectuate the understanding of the concept of one and many to kids. As such, by the end of this exercise, the child's progress in 'one' and 'many' concept will be easily ascertained by parents or teachers.

As per this fun exercise, kids are asked to make or identify a set of 2 or more objects. Now, given two sets of objects each, with one and many objects, and with their fore knowledge, they will automatically differentiate which set is one or many. This additional skill is going to give kids the opportunity to strengthen their number sense and measurement understanding at the same time.

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Example - which of the images show many?

A series of beautiful set of objects are placed for you to differentiate between the set showing one and that showing many.

It is easy. Not so?

Yeah, our first exercise is asking you "which of the images show many?"


Huh. It"s super easy. Taking a look at the two sets of beautiful flowers, the only set with 2 or more objects is the second set.

Correct. Very good.

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