Many: More than one - Which groups shows many?

Make or identify a set of 2 or more objects

"Many: more than one" indicates a group of two and more objects.

In fact, many means 'numerous' or 'more than one'.

As kids understand the concept of "recognize a group of one" perfectly, then "many: more than one" will be very easy to understand. This is because in our preschool fun math practice, any set of object that is not one, is many. It becomes however amazing to easily get the difference between the two concepts, and to note the innate number sense already embedded in kids.

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Now, when the question of which group shows many? Comes up, kids through a global quantification will instantly know that the two sets do not have the same number of objects, but without knowing how many there are in the 'many' set. In that case, kids are only required to make or identify a set of 2 or more object.

Example: which of the images shows many?

As earlier been told, it is real fun when it comes to identifying which of the images show many. It is very simple. The only trick a kid needs to know and keep in mind here is that;


"Any image in a set with a companion is that which shows many"

The two set of images in our exercise shows "one monkey" in the first set and "six monkeys" in the second set.

As I said, its very easy.

The only set that has 'one and companions' is that with six monkeys, or that which is NOT one.

Therefore, the image that shows many is the second image.

Wow! I love this game.

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