Recognize a group of one - Quantity: The meaning of 1

Make or identify a simple set of 1 object

To be able to recognize a group of one, we must first of all understand what quantity: the meaning of 1 is. The number 1 means "alone", "independent" or "self-sufficient". In fact, it needs no companion for its existence. Quantifying in essence is a way of expressing objects in numbers. Since the attributes of the number one are so exceptional compared to other numbers, it will be very easy for kids to make or identify a simple set of 1 object.

In effect, the ability to recognize a group of one is a way of embedding the number sense concept in kids, whereby we are going to use the number 1 to understand and distinguish a set of one object from a set of several objects. Our Preschool math fun practice for make or identify a set of 1 object are well designated, making it very easy for kids to immediately recognize a group of one object just from one glance.

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Example - which of the images show one?

Ahaaa! The number one is so extraordinary. In fact, very easy to understand. We've been told that '1' means alone not so?

And that it needs no companion. Therefore, as you enjoy the fantastic exercises of which image shows one?

Below, just note that any set of image placed alone shows 'one'.

  • Hey! You've got to click on play to listen to the audio asking you which image shows one?


  • Without a waste of time, immediately click on the set of image placed alone and with no companion.
  • For sure, that's the best and correct answer. Very simple.

Ok. You can now click on "Next" to continue your fun game.

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