1 Digit Addition Worksheets for Grade 1 - 1st Grade Basic Addition Skills

A good way to improve in addition

Kids find addition easier, quicker and enjoyable when they acquire basic addition skills. Most of these excellent addition skills can easily be obtained through our 1 digit worksheets for grade 1. As far as these exercises are concerned, our efforts are: drilling kids on how to add two single digit numbers in a fast and easy way. Hence, as we strive to cultivate an immediate understanding of these amazing 1st grade basic addition skills in kids, we are in essence empowering them on a good way to improve in addition.

Important facts about basic addition skills for 1st grade

A remarkable thing about our 1 digit worksheets for grade 1 is that each worksheet consist of well-composed addition exercises involving adding 0, adding 1, adding 2, adding 4, right up to adding 9 to each digit number at a time. This math trick will make kids boast of extremely fast and brilliant calculation skills.

Fluency in mental math –single digit addition tricks for 1st graders

1 digit worksheets for grade 1 are made up of fantastic exercises that will greatly accelerate fluency in mental math. This mental math potential in kids, which is thanks to our single digit addition tricks for 1st grade, provides adequate success for math now and beyond.

Furthermore, as mental math strengthens kid’s number sense, so too does it help kids to function accurately in their daily lives. For instance, a kid will use his mental math abilities to determine his total number of toys immediately when his mum buys one more.

This logical way of thinking in kids increases their ability to solve problems in all aspect of life other than math.

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