1st Grade Place Value Worksheets - Tens and Ones Worksheets Grade 1 PDF

Combining tens and ones: Build 2-digit numbers

To properly understand the meaning of a number, we need to understand its place value. Our 1st grade place value worksheets will however inspire kids to have a mastery of the fact that the value of each digit within a number depends on its place or position. To make this concept very easy and enjoyable for our first graders, these tens and ones worksheets grade 1 pdf will focus on understanding the place value of just two digit numbers, for instance if you combine 1 tens and 5 ones, you’ll obtain 15.

Important facts about tens and ones math skills for grade 1

As soon as kids start combining tens and ones: build 2 –digit numbers, then, their number sense skills have greatly developed. Also, they are already prepared to understand and work with larger digit numbers as well as decimals.

Build number confidence: understand place value with models – tens and ones grade 1 activity

Our fun exercise place value models up to 20 is an exciting technique that kids will use to build number confidence: understand place value with models.

This admirable technique creates a mental image in kids, as they will always reflect how patterns are grouped and associated with numbers. As such, they will visualize and aptly count the number of groups of tens and ones.

As its relevance in math and advanced math concepts, this tens and ones grade 1 activity reinforces the skip count by 10s concept, and equally serve as a foundational tool for regrouping, multi-digit multiplication, etc.

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