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Hello, math lovers! Are you ready to learn fantastic tips and strategies for adding 1-digit numbers to other numbers? If you are in grade 2, you already know how to add numbers within 10. But what if you add a bigger number, like 15 or 23, to a 1-digit number, like 7 or 9? Don't worry; we have got you covered! In this resource, we have created simple Grade 2 worksheets pdf that will provide 2nd graders with everything they need to master addition skills quickly.

  • We will also show you why understanding how to add a 1-digit number matter for 2nd-graders and how you can use different strategies to make adding easy and fun! We have also prepared some awesome worksheets for teachers and parents to help math learners practice their skills and challenge them with bonus questions and puzzles!

    Understand the concept of addition.

    Before we dive into the strategies, let's make sure we better understand the concept of addition and its importance. Addition is one of the four basic operations of arithmetic, along with subtraction, multiplication, and division.

    Addition means combining two or more numbers to get a bigger number. For example, if you have 3 apples and 4 oranges, add them together to get 7 fruits.

    Addition is important because it helps us count, measure, compare, and solve problems in everyday life.


    • Why does understanding how to add a 1-Digit number matter for 2nd-Graders

      Adding is one of the most important math skills that learners will learn in junior grades. We want to begin gradually by helping 2nd graders understand how to add a 1-Digit number and why it matters to them.

      It helps young math learners count faster, solve problems more efficiently, and understand how numbers work.

      Adding a 1-digit number to another number is an essential skill for kids to master before moving on to more complex operations. In this article, 2nd graders will learn effective strategies for adding 1-digit numbers to other numbers and practice them with fun and colorful worksheets!

    • Welcome to the beautiful world of adding 1-digit numbers to other numbers!

      Adding 1-digit numbers to other numbers may seem simple, but there are many ways to do it.

      Early math learners can use their fingers, a number line, a hundred chart, or mental math. They can also use different strategies, such as making a ten, using doubles, or adding in any order.

      These strategies will help them to add faster and more accurately and make adding more enjoyable!

    • Learn how to use different strategies to make adding easy and fun!

      In this fun resource, your 2nd graders will learn how to use four strategies to make adding 1-digit numbers to other numbers easy and fun.

      These are:

      • Making a ten: This strategy helps kids to add a 1-digit number to a number close to ten, such as 9 or 8. For example;

        To add 9 + 4, you can make a ten by taking one from the 4 and giving it to the 9. Then they'll have 10 + 3, which is easier to add.

      • Using doubles: This strategy helps 2nd graders to add two numbers that are the same or close to the same. For example;

        To add 7 + 8, they can use the double of 7, which is 14, and then add one more. So 7 + 8 = 14 + 1 = 15.

      • Using near doubles: This is when you use the fact that adding two numbers that are one apart is called near doubling, and it is very close to doubling. For example;

        To add 6 + 7, you can consider it as double six plus one more, which is 13. The answer is 13.

      • Adding in any order: This strategy helps to add two or more numbers by changing their order. For example;

        To add 3 + 5 + 4, you can add the 3 and the 4 first, which makes 7. Then add the 5 to get the final answer. So 3 + 5 + 4 = (3 + 4) + 5 = 7 + 5 = 12.

      • Breaking apart: This strategy helps kids add two numbers by breaking them into smaller parts. For example;

        To add 6 + 7, you can break apart the 6 into two parts: 5 and 1.

        Then add the 5 to the 7 first, which makes 12.

        Then add the remaining one to get the final answer.

        So, 6 + 7 = (5 + 1) + 7 = (5 + 7) + 1 = (12) +1 =13.

    • Practice your skills with colorful and engaging worksheets!

      Now that your 2nd graders know some excellent strategies for adding 1-digit numbers, it's time to put them into practice! We have prepared some amazing MathSkills4Kids' free printable 2nd Grade worksheets that will make your math learners practice each strategy fun and interactive.

      You will find different exercises, such as matching, coloring, filling in the blanks, solving word problems, and more. You can choose the worksheets that suit their needs and preferences.

      Here are some skills children will practice with MathSkills4Kids Adding 1-Digit Numbers worksheets:

      • Adding Two 1-Digit Numbers
      • Ways to Make Numbers with Addition: Sums Up to 10
      • How to Use Addition Sentences to Make Models: Sums Up to 10
      • Writing Addition Sentences to Describe Models: Sums Up to 10
      • How to Turn Statements into an Addition Sentence: Sums Up to 10
      • Adding Numbers Using Pictures: Sums Less than 20
      • Writing Addition Sentence to Describe Pictures: Sums Less than 20
      • How to do Addition Using Number Line
      • Working with Addition Input/Output with Sums Less than 20
      • Adding Zero
      • How to Add Double Using Models
      • How to Complete Addition Sentence
      • Addition Word Problems
      • Adding Up to Four 1-Digit Numbers
    • Download the pdf file and print as many copies as you need!

      The best part about our worksheets is that they are free and printable! You can download the pdf file from our website and print as many copies as you need.

      You can use them with your kids at home or school, with friends or family. You can also use them as homework assignments or extra practice materials.

    • Check your learner's answers with the answer key at the end of each worksheet!

      Another great feature of our worksheets is that they come with an answer key at the end of each worksheet. You can use the answer key to check your learner's answers and see if they got them right.

      You can also use the answer key to correct their mistakes and improve your skills.

    • Challenge your kids with some bonus questions and puzzles!

      If you want to challenge your kids even more, you can try some bonus questions and puzzles to test their knowledge and creativity.

      These questions and puzzles are different from the ones on the worksheets. They are more open-ended and require more thinking and reasoning.

      They will make 2nd graders wonder, explore, and discover new things about adding 1-digit numbers. You can find these questions and puzzles at the end of this article. Encourage your 2nd graders to solve them independently or with a friend or family member. Have fun!

    Bonus: Find more resources to reinforce strategies for adding 1-digit numbers skills in second Grade here!

    Are you looking for more ways to help your second graders master adding 1-digit numbers? Do you want to find fun and engaging activities that will boost kids’ confidence and fluency? If so, you're in luck! I have compiled a list of some excellent online resources that you can use to reinforce this important math skill. Check them out below!

    • Math Playground: This website has a variety of games and puzzles that will challenge your students to practice adding 1-digit numbers. You can choose from different difficulty levels and topics, such as addition facts, missing addends, and word problems. Your students will love playing these interactive and colorful games while improving their math skills. Visit https://www.mathplayground.com/grade_2_games.html to explore more.
    • com: This website has a vast collection of worksheets and activities to help your students practice adding 1-digit numbers differently. Printable worksheets, online games, guided lessons, songs, videos, and more can be found. You can filter by skill, grade level, theme, and resource type. Whether you want to review addition facts, practice mental math, or solve word problems, you will find something suitable for your students here. Visit https://www.education.com/resources/one-digit-addition/ to browse more.
    • Khan Academy: This website has a comprehensive and structured curriculum to teach your students everything they need to know about adding 1-digit numbers. You can find video lessons, exercises, quizzes, and progress reports to help your students learn at their own pace and track their achievements. You can assign practice problems and monitor their performance using the teacher dashboard. Visit https://www.khanacademy.org/math/cc-2nd-grade-math/cc-2nd-add-subtract/cc-2nd-add-within-20/v/adding-within-20 to start learning.

    These are just some of the amazing resources that you can use to reinforce strategies for adding 1-digit numbers skills in second grade.


    Help 2nd graders to enjoy this journey to becoming a master of addition!

    We hope you enjoy using our worksheets with your 2nd grader and helping them learn how to add 1-digit numbers like a pro.

    We are sure they will have fun and learn much along the way. Adding 1-digit numbers is easy, practical, exciting, and creative.

You can use different strategies, try different exercises, and challenge your kids with different levels. You can also share these worksheets and your kid's results with other kids, teachers, and friends.

We are proud of your efforts and wish your kids all the best in their journey to becoming masters of addition!

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