Addition and Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten - Sum and Difference Worksheets

Math signs: add and subtract

Addition and subtraction are important concepts not only in math, but in all aspects of life. Our addition and subtraction worksheets for kindergarten have therefore formulated very basic and amazing addition and subtraction sentences for kids to master the difference between “sum” and “difference”.

Given the inverse relationship that exist between addition and subtraction, it is important to engage your kids in these amazing sum and difference worksheets.

Important facts about sums and differences math skills for kinders

A perfect understanding of “sum” and “difference” will eventually evade the confusion most young learners face when they begin to solve basic addition and subtraction word problems.

Math signs: add and subtract are first, basic and fantastic tools that ease communication between a given question and the person to solve. This unspoken or sign language will bring about an immediate understanding that;

  • The “+” (plus) sign means adding one number to another, while
  • The “-” (minus) sign means subtracting one number from another

However, as we put much prominence for kids to understand the meaning of the plus (+) and the minus (-) signs in our addition and subtraction worksheets for kindergarten, we are preparing their minds to seeing more math signs such as x, ÷, ˃, ˂, and many others.

But first things first, let us go to see how the math signs: add and subtract will enhance knowledge of sum and difference in kids.

Understand addition and subtraction signs – reinforce knowledge of sum and difference

It is of vital importance for kids to understand addition and subtraction signs at an early age. In fact this is one of the most basic achievements to success in math concepts.

As an essential fact, we need to also note that these add and subtract signs immensely reinforce knowledge of sum and difference. It is however evident that when we add and/or subtract numbers, we expect to obtain an answer or a result. These results or answers are usually termed sum and/or difference respectively. So following the signs below, let’s see clearly their differences;

  • The answer to a + sign or addition sentence is called sum, whereas
  • The answer to a sign or subtraction sentence is called difference.

In other words,

  • number1 + number2 = sum
  • number1 number2 = difference

The importance of our sum and difference worksheets lies on the fact that kids are being trained to easily understand basic word problems. Some of which include

What is the sum of 2 and ?”   Here, you’ll be surprised to see that your kid will understand this to mean 2 + 3. So the sum is 5.

Also, “find the difference between 7 and 4”, which means 7 – 4. So, the difference is 3

As we now move to our exercises, it will be easy for us to tell which number is the sum and which is the difference.

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