Comparing Numbers Worksheets for Grade 1 - Greater Than Less Than Worksheets for Grade 1

Math signs: less than (<), greater than (>), equal to (=)

Having had a mastery of more or less comparison concepts in kindergarten, our first graders will now get a grasp of comparing numbers, equal to, more than and less than. Our comparing numbers worksheets for grade 1 are motivational tools that will help early learners to aptly evaluate the equality and inequality of numbers in relation to greater than or less than. As a math vocabulary, greater than less than worksheets for grade 1, are of vital importance to kid’s math fluency and competence in number sense.

Important facts about our comparison math activities for grade 1

Sure we are aware that kids need to appropriately read, write and talk about mathematical concepts be it in class, home or even with friends during play times. In line with this, math signs: less than (<), greater than (>), equal to (=) are prominent devices that will help them to precisely articulate and as well use their logical reasoning to relatively measure number quantities.

Easy way to explain math answers - math signs: less than (<), greater than (>), equal to (=)

In order for kids to develop a positive attitude towards math, they need to build a swift and easy way to explain math answers. However this skill can best be obtained with an understanding of math signs: less than (<), greater than (>), equal to (=). Simple tricks below will help kids to easily understand these signs

  • The sign “=” simply means equal or the same numbers or objects
  • The letter “L” in your left arm will help you think of the sign “<”, as less than

As the sign < is opposite to >, then, mastery of the less than sign (<) will help you to always recall its opposite;

  • Sign > to mean greater than.

[If left is less<”,     then right is more>”]

To further enhance an understanding of the above math signs, kids will be drilled to tackle exercises that require them to compare numbers up to 10 using words, compare numbers up to 100 using signs. Before they begin, the review of comparing objects: more or less activity will sharpen their brains to a great understanding of comparing numbers.

To identify which number is more or less than the other when compare numbers up to 100 using signs, kids should bear in mind that;

  • The number with 3 digits like 100 is greater than the number with 1 or 2 digits. Also,
  • If two numbers have the same digits, we compare them based on their extreme left digit numbers. The number with the greater extreme left digit is greater
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