Fraction Worksheets for Grade 1 PDF - 1st Grade Printable Fractions Worksheets

Understand fractions

Understanding fractions as equal parts of a whole is an excellent bold step towards understanding the concept of fractions easily. Our fraction worksheets for grade 1 pdf will offer kids a strong visual understanding of equal parts- halves, thirds and fourths. In order to make this concept familiar and enticing to kids, these 1st grade printable fractions worksheets have used different basic geometric whole shapes in partitioning the parts.

Important facts about our fraction activities for grade 1

Our use of varied shapes is simply for kids to realize that equal shares of identical wholes must not have the same shape and structure. In fact, these worksheets are so remarkable in their amazing techniques used to offer kids very simple ways to easily understand fractions. This is true of our exercise fractions: fourths. Here, no matter which shape it is, the essence is for kids to tick only those shapes that have 4 EQUAL parts.

Exciting fun fractions activity for kids – strong conceptual understanding fractions

Representing fractions in shapes is really an exciting fun fractions activity for kids. This skill is really very necessary for our young mathematicians as it offers them a strong conceptual understanding fractions. Moreover, kids will gain much confidence and of course feel flexible with the way numbers interact.

For instance, in a bid to represent the fraction 1/4, kids will clearly understand the meaning of 1 and of 4. Hence, preparing kids for fluency, understanding and success in advanced math concepts such as division, rates, proportions pre-algebra etc.

Not forgetting its importance in daily live activities, our inspirational fraction worksheets for grade 1 pdf will make it easier for kids to equally share biscuits, candies play objects with friends. Also, parents will be surprise to realize that their kids can appropriately measure ½ a glass of water.

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