Measurement Worksheets for Kindergarten pdf - Measure and Compare by Size or Weight

Enhance measurement vocabulary and develop visual spatial intelligence

Measurement worksheets for kindergarten pdf encompasses very simple ways of enlightening kids with a clear knowledge of how and when to quantify objects, places or things in terms of size or weight.

However, given that measurement is a fundamental part of our day to day life that develops over time , it will be very important for kinders to know how to measure and compare by size or weight at an early age.

Important facts about measurement activities for kinders

A perfect understanding of this measurement concept by kids depends on their knowledge of measurement vocabulary such as long vs short, fat vs small, heavy vs light etc.

In line with this, our Measurement worksheets for kindergarten pdf will greatly enhance measurement vocabulary and develop visual spatial intelligence.

The colorful and simple real life objects will profoundly mold kids to easily learn to measure and compare by size or weight. These wonderful techniques will equally help them to have an accurate knowledge of concrete measurement skills.

As a matter of fact, our objective here is to exceptionally prepare these kids to be great mathematicians as they move to higher grades. There, they will come to realize that measurement is an essential math concept, as they begin to measure the length of a rectangle, area of square, volume of cylinder, weight of an object and so on.

Measurement: best skill for kinder's social development – master your environment

Measurement help us to quantify the world around us, be it at home, school, market, and even amongst friends. Hence, it is the best skill for kinder’s social development.

As kinders love to explore the world around them, they tend to realize and observe the characteristics of everything they see in terms of size or weight. As we know that people with visual intelligence are aware and deeply master their environment, the colorful real objects in our measurement worksheets for kindergarten pdf will hugely enhance visual intelligence in our young learners.

These bright objects consist of very clear dimensions and magnitudes corresponding perfectly to their comparative antonyms of long/short, fat/small, heavy/light, etc.

Let’s take a brief review at the meanings of these comparative antonyms;

  • Long measures a great distance, while short measures a small distance from end to end.
  • Fat measures large amount of excess flesh, while small measures tiny flesh

Heavy measures great weight, while light measures a smaller weight

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