Picture Pattern Worksheets - Pattern Worksheets for Grade 1 pdf

Printable pattern activities

Picture pattern worksheets is a great way of building math reasoning skills in kids. As our objective, this pattern worksheets grade 1 pdf is aimed at encouraging kids to use their critical thinking skills to grasp how math patterns function effortlessly.

Significantly, their major task is to observe and tell which pattern comes next. A successful early experience in pattern activities will help kids to perfectly make predictions based on observations, which of course is an important math skill.

In a like manner, an understanding of pattern relations and constructions at an early age paves the way for understanding algebra in advanced math classes.

Important facts about our picture pattern activities fro kids

Engage your kids in our printable pattern activities and you’ll be surprised to see them respond in an enthusiastic and thrilling way.

Besides math concepts, patterns are used to create visual effects on the observer. As such, kid’s excitement in this concept stems from the fact that they perceive these patterns as interesting and beautiful designs.

Consequently, they will often want to spend time creating their own designs with patterns, thus future architects, scientist, mathematicians, etc.

Special pattern skills for kids – represent patterns with identical shapes

To ease understanding of the pattern concept, we have generated special pattern skills for kids. Here, kids will carefully observe patterns in every set. When this is done, they’ll be required to represent patterns with identical shapes.

This is so interesting, because kids will likely develop two prominent mathematical skills at ones, i.e. patterns and shape recognition. As these shapes are flat shapes, this concept will greatly enhance children’s math and creative skill.

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