Position Worksheets for Kindergarten - Free Printable Positional Words PDF for Kinders

Position vocabulary Worksheets

It is very important for kids to have a perfect knowledge of positional words so that they can communicate properly in the classroom and in the real world. Positional worksheets for kindergarten thus consist of a handful of outstanding exercise which are meant to reinforce kinder’s use and understanding of positional language.

Parents are however advised to obtain for their kids our free printable positional words pdf for kinders, for these early learners to easily familiarize, follow and give precisely direction of objects. In view of our designed funny objects placed in several different positions, our position vocabulary worksheets will empower and encourage kids learning and use of positional words such as inside/outside; top/bottom; bottom right, top left, center, middle right and many more.

Important facts about position activities

It is of vital importance to note that position worksheets for kindergarten greatly develop basic math skills in kids, which will grow in them throughout elementary school and beyond.

Moreover, their substantial understanding of math will not only based on learning about direction, but also about kid’s perception and understanding of shapes and attitudes. This idea will further be of help to kid’s later fundamental math skills such as spatial relations, geometry and shape measurement.

Enhance use of daily interactive positional words – fun position vocabulary worksheets for kinder

Help kids enhance use of daily interactive positional words with these fun position vocabulary worksheets for kinders.

Given that playing with real objects are an effective way to foster mathematical concepts, our fun, clear and visual resource will entice kids to an easy understanding of how and when to use positional words appropriately.

We’ve used in most cases, toy cars, teddy bears, bed, cupboard and many other objects place in technical positions. As such, kids will be expected to determine whether objects are inside or outside; top or bottom; bottom right, top left, center or middle right.

Example - position: top and bottom - What is at the bottom?

Before we start figuring out where objects are being positioned, let’s discover one secret for this concept. This secret is simply a mastery of positional words and their opposites.

Some of the word – opposites are:

  • Inside – outside
  • Top – bottom
  • Right - left          

Now following the exercise position: top and bottom – what is at the bottom?   An object is either at the top, or at the bottom, wherein top means up, whereas bottom means down.

kindergarten math worksheets - position top/bottom example

In this worksheet, given that the cupboard is up, and the bed is down.

What is at the bottom?

“Down” is same as “bottom”.

 The object down is the bed. Therefore bed is at the bottom.

Very good! You choose the correct answer by placing a tick (  ) on the small box beside the correct object.

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