Probability Worksheets for Grade 1 - First Grade Printable Pobability Worksheets

Probability worksheets for logical reasoning

Probability as a branch of math describes randomness. Given that the world and events around us are usually very unpredictable, our probability worksheets for great 1 will guide our first graders through the most enjoyable way to cultivate a quantitative worldview. As such, parents are called upon to obtain for their kids these amazing first grade printable probability worksheets, so that they may develop an excellent approximation skill.

Important facts about our probability activities for kids

With the knowledge that probability is applied only to situations of uncertainty, our probability worksheets for logical reasoning will uplift kid’s reasoning skills to determine which words appropriate to use when calculating the likelihood of happenings.

The secret of mastering the probability concept lies on mastering its theory, which states that “the more likely an event, the higher its probability”.

To make true of this theory, our probability worksheets for grade 1 will provide you with basic probability words which include – certain, likely, unlikely, impossible, more likely, less likely, equally likely. The table below will help explain accurate words to use at different probability levels.

High/higher probability

Same probability

Low/lower probability

Certain, likely, more likely

Equally likely

Unlikely, impossible, less likely


Best solution for inquisitive kids – probability worksheets for logical reasoning

Obtaining probability reasoning skills is the best solution for inquisitive kids. As a result, these kids will acquire a fantastic training through our probability worksheets for logical reasoning. Probability activities available here are so fun and enthusiastic.

One of such exercises entails kids determining the probability of a spinner landing on a suggested number. With numbers written all round the spinner board, this concept will greatly enhance an awesome number sense skill in kids.

Moreover, it denotes real life math, by connecting areas of math together such as counting and geometry.

Also, in an attempt to strengthen their cognitive skills, our first grade printable probability worksheets will equally help kids to overcome their deterministic thinking. Consequently, they will acquire new strategies of reasoning and eventually make satisfying decisions throughout their lives.

In an inspirational way, carefully go through these activities and predict the outcome of events and happenings.

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