Sorting and Classifying Worksheets for First Grade - Grade 1 Printable Sorting Activities

Sorting, ordering and classifying activities

Elevate math thinking in your kids with these wonderful sorting and classifying worksheets for first grade. Children always have an immense desire to arrange, create order and make sense of their real world. To this light, our grade 1 printable sorting activities consist of outstanding sorting, ordering and classifying activities: numbers and shapes. Sorting, ordering and classifying concepts form the basis of advanced math skills: geometry, pattern recognition and Venn diagrams.

Important facts about sorting and classifying activities for 1st grade

In an effort to improve kid’s logical reasoning and spatial sense skill, one of our grade 1 printable sorting activitiesVenn diagram will be of great importance to kids. The fun display of bright and colorful shapes in this Venn diagram activity will demonstrate clearly to kids that “a set consist of a number of objects different from the other set, whereas both sets can still have combined elements”.

Moreover, to boast of your kids natural growth and development, don’t hesitate to engage your kids in these fantastic worksheets. Here, they will develop an excellent visual processing and spatial awareness skill in an endeavor to determine which particular shapes or colors belong to one set “only” or both sets.

Smartly develop a sense of cardinality – sorting, ordering and classifying activities

Knowing how numbers and objects are related to each other is of great importance to kid’s understanding of number concepts.

To clearly demonstrate how numbers relate to each other our sorting, ordering and classifying activities encompasses putting numbers in order, in relation to “greatest” or “least”. Hence, reinforcing the concept of greater than (>) and less than (<).

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