Spatial Relations Worksheets for 1st Grade - Position Words Worksheet for Grade 1

Positions and spatial concepts

Develop skills of properly expressing directions from different locations with these fabulous spatial relations worksheets for 1st grade. Kid’s developmental age grows along with much curiosity. In effect, they are always eager to describe and classify their physical world. Position words worksheets for grade one is thus an amazing resource that will help kids to easily understand how to use positional words in describing and classifying position or direction of things.

Important facts about our position and spatial concept activities for grade 1

Kid's excitement in this worksheet stems from the beautiful and colorful real life objects placed in distinct positions.

However, with the use of given  positions and spatial concepts, it will be very easy for them to visualize and tell the different position of one objects to the other in relation to left and right, top and bottom, beside and far from.

Boast effective communication skills– positions and spatial concepts

As parents support kid’s math learning of number relations, so too will they help kids to master spatial relations. In a bid to boast effective communication skills, position and spatial concepts also help kids to solve basic tasks in life, such as determining how far or near things and places are away from the other.

Equally important, kid’s body parts, i.e. the left and right hands will encourage them to have an easy mastery of the left and right concept. Hey kiddos, just think of the hand you use when eating, greeting or writing. It is the right hand right? If yes, then the other hand is the left. So always place your two hands on objects or places to easily tell the difference between left and right.

 Furthermore, as kids engage in these outstanding spatial relations worksheets for 1st grade they are assured of a huge success in later math concepts. One of which is geometry, i.e. when determining the look of objects from different angles. For example, how will a pyramid look like when looking at it from above?

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