Free printable single-digit subtraction worksheets for 1st-Grade

  • Hello, parents and teachers! Are you looking for a fun and easy way to help your 1st graders practice their single-digit subtraction skills? If so, you've come to the right place! In this resource, we'll share some 1st Grade free printable single-digit subtraction worksheets you can use at home or in the classroom.

    But first, let's talk about single-digit subtraction and why your kids need to learn it.

    Boost your 1st Grader's subtraction skills with these free printable worksheets

    Teaching subtraction to kids at an early stage can be difficult. But with these free printable subtraction worksheets, we hope to boost your 1st Grader's subtraction skills by providing enjoyable activities, strategies, and models to ease the solving process.

    • What is single-digit subtraction?

      Single-digit subtraction is the process of taking away one number from another when both numbers have only one digit. For example, 5 - 3 = 2 is a single-digit subtraction problem.

      Single-digit subtraction is one of the basic math skills that kids need to master to move on to more complex operations like double-digit subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division.

    • Why is it important for 1st graders to learn single-digit subtraction?

      Learning single-digit subtraction is important for 1st graders because it helps them develop their number sense, mental math, and problem-solving skills.

      Number sense is the ability to understand and work with numbers differently. Mental math is the ability to do calculations in your head without using a calculator or paper and pencil. Problem-solving skills are applying math concepts and strategies to real-world situations.

      By learning single-digit subtraction, 1st graders can improve their number sense by recognizing patterns and relationships between numbers, such as how subtracting one number from another change the result. They can also improve their mental math by memorizing basic facts and using strategies like counting on or counting back. And they can improve their problem-solving skills by using single-digit subtraction to solve word problems and puzzles.

    • Free printable single-digit subtraction worksheets: What you need to know

      Now that you know what single-digit subtraction is and why it is essential for your kids to learn it, we'll now tell you about the free printable single-digit subtraction worksheets we have for you.

      These worksheets are designed to help your kids practice and reinforce their single-digit subtraction skills in a fun and engaging way. They cover two types of single-digit subtraction problems:

      • Subtracting 0-9 from numbers: These are the simplest type of single-digit subtraction problem, where you have to subtract a number between 0 and 9 from another number between 0 and 9. For example;

        7 - 4 = 3. These problems help your kids practice basic facts and build their confidence in subtracting.

      • Subtracting 1-digit from 2-digit numbers: These are a bit more challenging type of single-digit subtraction problems, where you have to subtract a number between 0 and 9 from a number between 10 and 99. For example;

        25 - 4 = 21. These problems help your kids practice their place value skills, as well as their mental math strategies.

      The worksheets are divided into four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard, and super hard. Each level has different problems with different ranges of numbers. You can choose the level that best suits your kids' needs and abilities.

      The worksheets also have cute graphics and themes, making them more appealing and fun for your kids. Some themes include animals, fruits, sports, holidays, and more.

      To download the worksheets, you must click on the link below and print them out.

      You can use them as homework assignments, classwork activities, or extra practice for your kids. You can also laminate them or put them in sheet protectors and use them with dry-erase markers for repeated use.

    • How to teach subtraction with fun and engaging activities

      Subtraction is one of the basic math skills that 1st graders need to master. But it can be challenging and tedious for some kids. However, let's discover how to teach subtraction with fun and engaging activities below:

      How can we make subtraction fun and engaging for them? Here are some ideas:

      • Use manipulatives: Manipulatives are physical objects that kids can use to represent numbers and operations.

        For example, You can use counters, blocks, beads, coins, or candies to show subtraction. Have kids use the manipulatives to model subtraction problems and find the answers.

        For example, If the problem is 8 - 3 = ? have kids start with 8 counters and take away 3 counters. Then have them count how many counters are left.

        This way, they can see and understand what subtraction means and how it works.

      • Use stories: Stories are a great way to make subtraction more meaningful and relatable for kids. You can use stories from books, movies, or your imagination to create subtraction scenarios.

        For example, you can say: "Anna has 10 apples. She gives 4 apples to her friend Elsa. How many apples does Anna have left?" Then have kids use manipulatives or draw pictures to solve the problem. You can also have kids make up their own stories using subtraction.

      • Use games: Games are another way to make subtraction fun and exciting for kids. You can use board games, card games, dice games, or online games to practice subtraction.

        For example, you can play a game called "Subtraction War" with a deck of cards. To play, divide the cards evenly among two players. Each player turns over two cards and subtracts the smaller number from the larger number. The player with the larger difference wins both pairs of cards.

        The game ends when one player has no cards left, or both players have the same difference. The player with more cards at the end wins the game.

    • How to use the worksheets to reinforce subtraction skills and concepts

      The worksheets that we're sharing with you today are designed to help your 1st graders practice and reinforce their single-digit subtraction skills in a fun and easy way.

      The worksheets include the following:

      • Subtraction facts: These worksheets help kids memorize the basic subtraction facts from 0 to 10. They include horizontal and vertical formats, as well as missing number problems.
      • Subtraction word problems: These worksheets help kids apply their subtraction skills to real-world situations. They include one-step and two-step problems and problems with extra information.
      • Subtraction strategies: These worksheets help kids learn different strategies to solve subtraction problems faster and easier. They include using doubles, making ten, using fact families, and using related facts.

      To use the worksheets effectively, you can follow these steps:

      • Choose the appropriate level of difficulty for your kids. The worksheets are labeled with stars (*) to indicate the difficulty level. One star (*) means easy, two stars (**) means medium, and three stars (***) means hard.

        You can start with the easy level and gradually move on to the more challenging levels as your kids progress.

      • Review the concepts and skills before giving out the worksheets. You can use the activities mentioned earlier to introduce or review subtraction with your kids.

        You can also use flashcards, posters, or charts to review the subtraction facts and strategies.

      • Give clear instructions and examples before giving out the worksheets. Before handing out the worksheets, you can model how to solve a few problems on the board or paper.

        You can also explain each worksheet and what they need to do.

      • Monitor and support your kids as they work on the worksheets. You can walk around the room and check on their progress. You can also offer hints, feedback, or encouragement as needed.
      • Review and discuss the answers after they finish the worksheets. Kids can share their answers with a partner or the whole class.

        You can also ask them to explain how they solved each problem and their strategy.

    • How can parents and teachers use these worksheets to support learning at home or in the classroom?

      These worksheets are not only helpful in teaching subtraction in school but also for supporting learning at home or in other settings. Here are some ways that parents and teachers can use these worksheets:

      • As homework assignments: You can assign these worksheets as homework for your kids to practice subtraction at home. You can also send them home to parents who want extra practice materials for their kids.
      • As independent work: You can use these worksheets as independent work for your kids when they finish their classwork early or when they need some extra challenge.
      • As review work: You can use these worksheets as review work for your kids before a test or a quiz on subtraction.
      • As intervention work: You can use these worksheets as intervention work for your kids who are struggling with subtraction or who need some extra support.
      • As enrichment work: You can use these worksheets for your kids who are advanced in subtraction or need some extra challenge.
    • Tips and tricks to make subtraction easier and faster

      Subtraction can be tricky for some kids, especially when they borrow or regroup from larger numbers. Here are some tips and tricks that you can teach your kids to make subtraction easier and faster:

      • Use mental math: Mental math is a skill that allows you to do math calculations in your head without writing anything down. It can help you save time and paper when doing subtraction problems.

        To do mental math, you need to know your subtraction facts well and use strategies such as counting on, counting back, using doubles, making ten, using fact families, or using related facts.

      • Use estimation: Estimation is a skill that allows you to find an approximate answer without doing exact calculations. It can help you check your work or decide whether an answer is reasonable when solving subtraction problems.

        To estimate, you need to round up or down the numbers in the problem and subtract them mentally or using a calculator.

      • Use shortcuts: Shortcuts are tricks that allow you to find an answer quickly without doing all the steps in a problem. They can help you save time and effort when doing subtraction problems.

        For example, one shortcut is subtracting from left to right instead of right to left when dealing with multi-digit numbers. Another shortcut is subtracting by adding up instead of taking away when dealing with negative numbers.

    Bonus: More Resources and Games for Subtraction Practice

    If you're looking for more resources and games for subtraction practice, here are three awesome resources that will help your children master subtracting numbers in no time. Whether you need printable worksheets, online games, or interactive activities, I've got you covered!

    1. First up, we have Math Playground subtraction games. One of the sections of Math Playground that I really like is the one for grade 1 subtraction games. There are 12 games in this section that teach students how to subtract one-digit numbers from two-digit numbers, how to use number lines and manipulatives to subtract, how to compare numbers using greater than and less than signs, and how to solve word problems involving subtraction.

    Some of the games that I recommend are:

    • Ducky Race Subtraction: In this game, you have to help your duck win a race by answering subtraction questions correctly. The faster you answer, the faster your duck swims. You can choose the level of difficulty and the number range for the questions.
    • Sailboat Subtraction: In this game, you have to steer your sailboat across the ocean by solving subtraction problems. You have to avoid obstacles and collect coins along the way. You can also customize your sailboat with different colors and patterns.
    • Kitten Match: In this game, you have to match kittens with their owners by finding pairs of numbers that subtract to a given difference. You have to be quick and accurate because the kittens will run away if you make a mistake or take too long.
    • Skateboard Pups: In this game, you have to help a cute puppy skateboard through a park by answering subtraction questions. You have to collect bones and avoid obstacles as you skate. You can also change the appearance of your puppy and your skateboard.

    These are just some of the games that you can find on Math Playground for grade 1 subtraction. I think they are very fun and engaging and they make learning subtraction a breeze. If you are looking for a website that can help your kids practice their math skills in a fun way, you should definitely check out Math Playground.

    1. Next, we have Cool Math Games subtraction activities. These are ideal for kids who enjoy hands-on learning and exploring math concepts in creative ways. You can play with virtual manipulatives, such as blocks, coins, and counters, and use them to model subtraction problems. You can also try some puzzles, logic games, and brain teasers that will test your subtraction skills and make you think outside the box.
  1. Another great website for subtraction games is Here you can find games that use different strategies and tools to help your kids master subtraction, such as number lines, manipulatives, and comparison. Some of the most fun games are:
    • Number Line Subtraction: Use a number line to visualize and solve subtraction problems. You can drag the frog along the number line to see how far it jumps when you subtract.
    • Treasure Diving: Dive into the ocean and collect treasure by solving subtraction problems. You can use base ten blocks to help you subtract two-digit numbers.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for learning subtraction in a fun and engaging way. I hope you'll give these resources a try and see how much your kids will enjoy them. Remember, subtraction is not only an important math skill, but also a life skill that will help you in many situations. So don't delay, start subtracting today!


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