Subtraction Fact Strategies Worksheets for 1st Grade - Printable Math Strategies PDF

Subtraction exercises for Grade 1

Engage your kids in our subtraction fact strategies worksheets for 1st grade, and they will be able to solve math problems quickly and accurately.

Hey! Kiddos, sure you do remember that addition and subtraction are related in a very special way, right? Good.

Important things to know about our subtraction facts strategies material for grade 1

It will be delightful to know that our printable math strategies pdf are made up of inspirational subtraction exercises for grade 1 which will help you to easily master the inverse relationship that exist between addition and subtraction.

Moreover, this powerful strategy to undo an addition sentence into a subtraction sentence is aimed at building a groundwork for the rest of elementary math. Thus, much confidence in math.

Sharpen kids mental math skills – subtraction exercises for grade 1

Encourage and sharpen kid’s mental math skills with these fabulous subtraction exercises for grade 1. Subtracting doubles as one of our tricky strategic exercise is an excellent way to allow kids directly see the connection between addition and subtraction.

Also, this subtracting doubles strategy builds memory and long term understanding of number system.

Another fun subtraction exercises for grade 1 is subtracting multiples of 10. This strategic exercise will help kids to reinforce the concept of skip counting by 10s. In this light, kids will easily develop fluency in mathematical progression from foundation up to sixth grade and even beyond.

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