Subtraction Worksheets for Grade 1 with Pictures - 1st Grade Subtraction with a Number Line Worksheets

Understand subtraction

Subtraction worksheets for grade 1 with pictures are essential visual demonstrations that will you’re your kids to actually see what it means to “take away” from a group. The use of these beautiful pictures is a concrete way for kids to express and represent their mathematical thinking accurately. On the other hand, another instructional aid used to build a mathematical proficiency in kids is our fantastic 1st grade subtraction with a number line worksheet.

Important facts about subtraction activities with pictures

Here, kids will develop conceptually understand subtraction simply by moving backward on a number line one step at a time. These steps are number steps. So, as numbers 0 to 10 are orderly placed on a number line,  9 - 4   for instance will mean that you;

  • Mark the position of the minuend (9), then
  • Move backward (-1) the number of the subtrahend. ( you'll move backward 4 times)
  • The number position of your 4th movement tells your answer.
  • Hey, if you’ve moved well, backward from 9, your 4th position will be number 5.
  • So, from the number line, you’ll clearly see that 9 – 4 = 5

Develop quick recall of subtraction fact– understand subtraction with models

Do you want your kids to develop quick recall of subtraction facts? Certainly yes!

Hurry, engage your kids in our outstanding subtraction worksheets for grade 1 with pictures, so that they can easily understand subtraction with models. Ooh, I bet you, it’ll be a fun activity for kids, as they will be eager to know the number of objects left after taking some away.

The mastery of such an awesome skill will not only help kids when they begin to subtract larger numbers, but equally in their daily transactions. Just imagine your kid immediately calculating the “difference”, then telling if he’s cheated of his own candies or not. Sure you’ll become proud of this amazing quick recall of subtraction fact.

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