Basic Addition Worksheets for Grade 1 - Addition Worksheets with Pictures PDF

How to help kids to understand addition

Need simple ways to do addition? Just grab a bundle of our basic addition worksheets for grade 1 and perfectly understand addition with beautiful models and number lines. These Addition worksheets with pictures pdf will enable kids to perfectly visualize the relationship between numbers and their quantities.

Thus making addition and jointly counting all together two groups of objects very easy for kids.

Important facts about basic addition for grade 1

We should not forget that addition was and will always be part of our lives, where we’re always required to add at least two numbers or more. For this reason, it is very important that kids should obtain basic addition skills as they begin grade 1.

In an attempt to find ways of how to help kids to understand addition, we have created awesome strategies that will drill them to be skilled mathematical thinkers at all times. From amidst these different addition strategies, kids will decide to always apply the most efficient strategy to solve addition problems fluently and effortlessly.

Top math skills: mental addition– cubes and number line math strategies for kids

Models and number lines are concrete, important and useful tools that can uplift kid’s top math skills: mental addition. These cubes and number line math strategies for kids greatly support addition skills as the amount of cubes represent numbers, while the number line clearly show sequential number relationships.

The made easy thing about addition with number line is its orderly presentation of numbers. This will ease kid’s forward movement on the number line from one point to the other when solving addition problems. It is however very important to always use number line as it provides opportunities for later addition skills with negative numbers, decimals, rounding, graphing and many others.

Kids will find our addition sentences: number line up to 10 worksheet very easy and fun to work on. Amusement comes here when kids have to tick from several addition sentences only the appropriate addition sentence that correspond to the given number line addition problem.

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