Free Printable 3D Shapes Worksheets for Kindergarten - Solid Figures Worksheets

Introduce 3D shapes to kinders

3 dimensional shapes are thick and not flat in nature, with distinct attributes. Engaging your kids in our free printable 3D printable shapes worksheets for kindergarten, you’ll easily distinguish 3D shapes from 2D shapes.

3D shapes are equally called solid shapes, as they consist of the width, depth and height. As they exist so many shapes, our exceptional solid figures worksheets will elevate kid’s awareness to an easy mastery of all the names of solid shapes.

Important facts about 3D-shapes

To make very easy an adequate understanding of these solid shapes, kids should keep in mind that unlike 2D shapes with just one face, 3D shapes has two or more faces, edges and vertices.

However, as we introduce 3D shapes to kinders, our aim is to encourage these young learners to be able to differentiate 2D shapes from 3D shapes.

A very exciting thing about 3D shapes is that they are all formed from 2D shapes. Some of the solid shapes, attributes and names you’ll get to see in our free printable 3D printable shapes worksheets for kindergarten include;

  • A Cylinder – it has two identical flat ends like a circle, and two curved sides.
  • A sphere – it is completely round in shape like a ball
  • A cube – it has six equal square-shaped sides
  • A cone – it has a base, like a circle, joint to a point called vertex.

Mastering 3D shapes – awesome geometric math skill

The knowledge of shapes gives young children an advantage in many areas of learning. In math for instance, mastering 3D shapes is an awesome geometric math skill which will go a long way to strengthen and provide kids with huge success in math.

As earlier said, 3D shapes are formed from 2Dshapes. Given for example a shape like a cube, you’ll begin its formation by first of all drawing a square.

Same with a cylinder, where it is formed from a circle and so many others. This knowledge will bring joy to kids as they will feel excited drawing and carving new and beautiful decorative play objects.

As we remember, 2D shapes are flat in nature, while 3D shapes are thick. Mostly called solid shapes.

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