6th Grade Coordinate Plane Worksheets - Graphing Worksheets PDF for 6th Grade

Printable coordinate grid exercises for 6th graders

Our 6th grade coordinate plane worksheets are made of original printable coordinate grid exercises for 6th graders that will give them outstanding notions in geometry math. Besides that, these graphing worksheets PDF for 6th grade contain suitable answers to drive kids through the best steps in solving coordinate graph problems.

Important facts about coordinate plane skills for grade 6

As you’ll notice here, coordinate planes is one of the most exciting and important part of math learning, and real life use. It is a useful skill for mapping an area, conducting experiments or arranging furniture in a room. As such, it’ll be necessary for kids to learn how to identify quadrants, plot points and graph lines.

Moreover, these graphs of lines and curves will not only enable them to create and interpret algebraic concepts, but will guide them to smartly describe geometric and algebraic relationships in a visual sense.

In line with this, we have created amazing visual graphs with beautifully coloured objects placed on separate sections in a plane for easy location. Moreover, engaging in these worksheets offers an excellent practice for easy plotting and identifying coordinates.

How do you move along the x and y axis of the coordinate plane?

In order to learn more about moving along the x and y axis of the coordinate plane, we need to fist of all note that the intersecting x- and y-axis divides the coordinate plane into four sections (quadrants).

So, how then do you move along the x and y axis of the coordinate plane?

To begin with, the x value tells you how many units to move horizontally, while the y value tells you how many units to move vertically. The intersection of these lines create the origin, which is the point (0, 0).

Secondly, just like a number line, the values in the x-axis increase and are positive as we move to the right from the zero. Whereas as we move to the left from zero the values decrease and are negative.

Next, with the y-axis, the values are positive and increase as we go up from zero. Moving down from zero, the values are negative and decreasing.

How can you easily identify quadrants in a coordinate plane?

As we know, the coordinate plane has four sections, called quadrants. These quadrants are allowed for graphical representation and communication about points, lines, and other algebraic concepts.

With our fascinating printable coordinate grid exercises for 6th graders, your kids will easily identify quadrants in coordinate planes. They simply need to note that;

The top right section is the first quadrant. Then moving in a counter-clockwise direction is the second, third and fourth quadrants.

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