6th Grade math dividing fractions worksheets

Dividing fractions exercises with answers

Available in our outstanding 6th grade math dividing fractions worksheets are quickest techniques for easy dividing fractions. Besides, you’ll equally find here well exemplified, fun and motivational dividing fractions exercises with answers that will encourage an immediate understanding of dividing fractions concept. Amongst these multiple exercises are, divide whole numbers by unit fractions using models, divide fractions by whole numbers in recipes, estimate quotients when dividing mixed numbers, etc.

Important facts about dividing fractions for grade 6

As a matter of fact, the divide whole numbers by unit fractions exercise is modelled in a very clear and captivating way, essential to enhance a deeper understanding of fractions to our 6th graders.

Super dividing fraction skills useful in daily life and advanced math concepts

Fractions do NOT follow the same procedure for division as with the case of whole numbers. To this effect, our 6th grade math dividing fractions worksheets will offer your kids super dividing fraction skills useful in daily life and advanced math concepts.

Below are two fundamental advantages of kids mastering dividing fractions at an early age.

Firstly, fractions are used very often in our daily lives. To this effect, it is very important for our growing kids to have a full grasp of when and how to solve problems requiring fractions division. For instance, kids will most at times need to divide a fraction by whole number, estimate quotients, etc., either when cooking, baking, party planning, dividing a pizza with friends, or in many other situations.

Secondly, it is evidenced that without the knowledge of dividing fractions, you won’t be able to understand algebra in advanced math classes. In this light, our dividing fractions exercises with answers consist of best techniques for dividing fractions with no stress.

Special tricks fast dividing fractions

Given any exercise or word problem requiring dividing fractions, consider the following steps:

Firstly, If either the dividend or divisor is whole number, change the whole number to a fraction by putting it over one. For example → 3 = 3/1

Secondly, In case of mixed fraction, make sure you first of all change to improper fraction.

Next, flip the divisor into a reciprocal.

Finally, change the division sign to a multiplication sign, then multiply.

N.B: Simplify your answer if possible.

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