Adding and Subtracting Integers Worksheets with Answers PDF - Multiplying and Dividing Integers Worksheets

Operations with integers

With our adding and subtracting integers worksheets with answers PDF – Multiplying and dividing integers worksheets, your kid’s will discover simple ways to visualise and smartly work out math problems on integers, following  the four basic math operations. It is equally interesting to note that our operations with integers exercises have all been designed with challenging and fun activities related to vital math skills, relevant in grade 6, through advanced math classes and beyond.

Important facts about adding subtracting multiplying dividing integers exercises for grade 6

Besides the usual integers rules, we’ve equally designed fantastic strategies that will facilitate an easy understanding and solving operations with integers in a relaxed way. These strategies such as number lines and counters methods are best in use when adding or subtracting integers.

Amazing integers rules to enhance kid’s operations with integer’s skills – add, subtract, multiply & divide

The following are amazing integers rules to enhance kid’s skills on adding, subtracting multiplying or dividing integers.

  • Adding and subtracting integer’s rules

Firstly, when adding or subtracting integers, especially dealing with small digits, we can think of number lines method.  It is very easy to add or subtract both negative and positive numbers on number line. Bearing in mind that the number line consist of both negative and positive numbers, separated by a zero, we;

  • Add a positive integer to a negative integer by moving to the right on a number line.
    e.g. -3 + 5 = 2
  • Add a negative integer to a positive integer by moving to the left on a number line.
    e.g. 8 + (-3) =5
  • Subtract a positive integer from negative integer by moving to the left on the number line.
    e.g. -5 - 2 = -7
  • Subtract a negative integer from positive by moving to the right.
    e.g. 6 – (-2) = 8

Secondly, apart from number lines, we can as well think of using counters when adding or subtracting integers. With counters, there is need for two types or colors counters, i.e. negative and positive counters, i.e.  " - " " + "

Engaging in our fun operations with integers worksheets will offer your kids the best skills ever, to easily add and subtract integers using counters.

  • Multiplying and dividing integer’s rules

When multiplying or dividing integers, you first of all need to forget about the signs. Next, do your normal multiplication or division procedure as you do with whole numbers to obtain your answer. Simply keep track of the signs, then make sure that your answer should be signed in respect to the following rules;

Positive x positive = positive                    Positive x negative = negative
Negative x negative = positive                 Negative x positive = negative

Positive ÷ positive = positive                     Positive ÷ negative = negative
Negative ÷ negative = positive                 Negative ÷ positive = negative

Summary table for operations with integers rules





+   and   +   =  +

+   and +  =  +

+    and   +  =  +

   and  ─  =  +


    and      =   

  and    =  

   and    =  +

+    and   +  =  +


+   and   = use the sign of bigger number

+   and ─  =  +

+    and      =  

+     and  ─  =  


   and   +   = use the sign of bigger number

  and  +  =  

     and    +  =  

    and   +   =  


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