Measuring Units Worksheets for 6th Grade - Grade 6 Measurement Word Problems Worksheets

Sixth grade measurement exercises with answers

Measuring units worksheets for 6th grade is giving to provide outstanding support on units basics and how to make conversion for various measuring units. This content is made of grade 6 measurement word problems worksheets and many other sixth grade measurement exercises with answers that can be used to solve similar situations in real life.

Important facts about measuring units skills for grade 6

A very important thing to know is that, measurement provides links between strands of mathematics.

For example, it provides a rich and meaningful context for the use of number skills and of spatial concepts.

In this light, our super amazing worksheets are particularly remarkable as they’ll educate young math learners with inspirational activities such as convert and compare metric units, estimate metric and customary measurements, compare temperatures above and below zero.

Mastering metric and customary unit conversions – best enhance measurement and estimation skills

Before mastering metric and customary unit conversions, kids have to be reminded that these units relate to measuring length, weight, capacity, time, etc. The table below presents the equivalence between metric and customary unit. This strategy will best enhance measurement and estimation skills in your kids.

Customary unit

Metric unit

 1 inch

 25.4 millimeters

 1 foot

 30.48 centimeters

 1 yard

 0.91 meter

 1 mile

 1.61 kilometers

 1 teaspoon

 4.93 milliliters

 1 cup

 0.24 liter

 1 pint

 0.47 liter

 1 quart

 0.95 liter

 1 gallon

 3.79 liters

 1 ounce

 28.35 grams

 1 pound

 0.45 kilogram

How can standard unit measurement efficiency reinforce kid’s estimation skills in real life?

Although it is very important for kids to have a mastery of estimation skills, they have to understand that measurement is the backbone of estimation.  One of the many importance of estimation skills is that, it helps us to easily quantify the world around us.

How then can standard unit measurement efficiency reinforce kid’s estimation skills in real life?

Looking at the above table, together with convert and compare units exercise in our measuring units worksheets for 6th grade, your kids will be greatly inspired, and as such can confidently use their estimation skills in daily life activities. Some of which include;

Efficiency in telling or recording how hot or cold places are, how tall or short objects are etc.

Knowing better estimates of sizes of things, such as lengths, mass, weight, volume, distance, etc.

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