Percentages Worksheets for Grade 6 PDF - Sixth Grade Printable Percents Worksheets

Percentages of numbers exercises

Available here are awesome percentages worksheets for grade 6 PDF made to provide best percentage skills to kids. While practicing with our sixth grade printable percents worksheets, they will considerably increase their math competence by solving percentages of numbers exercises in an exciting way. Most of these exercises consist of stimulating real life word problems, helpful to captivate kid’s understanding of the concept in a better and easy way.

Important facts about percent skills for grade 6

In an enlightening way, these worksheets have provided practice in common and simple calculations involving; what percentage is illustrated?; Percents of numbers and money amounts, percents with numbers and fractional and decimal percents, find the total given a part and a percent.

Common percentage tips to always remember - enhancing fast percent calculation skills

As we know, Percentage is a very handy way of writing fractions, but frequently used than mere fractions, especially when comparing values, quantity changes etc. For this reason, it is necessary for kids to master common percentage tips to always remember – enhancing fast percent calculation skills. They include;

  • 50 percent means half – given that half = ½, then calculating 50% of a number will simply mean that you should divide that number by 2.
    e.g. 50% of 60 will mean 60 ÷ 2.
  • 25 percent means one fourth – one fourth = ¼, then calculating 25% of a number will simply mean that you should divide that number by 4.
    e.g. 25% of 60 will mean 60 ÷ 4.
  • 10 percent means one tenth – one tenth = 1/10, then calculating 10% of a number will simply mean that you should divide that number by 10.
    e.g. 10% of 60 will mean 60 ÷ 10.
  • 5 percentis one half of 10 percent. To calculate 5%of a number, simply divide 10 percent of that number by 2.
    e.g. 5 percent of 60 will mean (10% of 60 is 6, so we’ll divide 6 by 2) 6 ÷ 2

The above tricks are equally helpful when calculating any other percentage of a number. For instance if you are calculating 20% of 60, simply break the 20% to 10 and 10. When you get your two results, i.e. 10% of 60 and 10% of 60, you van then sum them up →6 + 6 = 12.   So, 20% of 60 = 12.

How are percentages important in math and in our real life?

To begin with, we must recall that percent means, “per hundred,” as well as the numerator of a fraction, whose denominator is 100. Following this, our percentages worksheets for grade 6 PDF, with visual models and real life word problems will greatly enhance kid’s fraction skills, useful in math and in our real life.

As will be seen in our sixth grade printable percents worksheets, percentages are a useful way of comparing decimals and fractions with different denominators. For instance, when you convert different data to percentages, they can be easily calculated and compared.

Moving on to real life advantages of percentages, you’ll notice that you’d once used percent in daily life, either knowingly or unknowingly. Following our amazing percentages of numbers exercises your kids will understand and confidently use percents in so many life situations, some of which are;

Firstly, every financial institution, like Banks quote interest charged to the client on loans, or interest paid for money invested, as a percentage

Secondly, companies determine increase or decrease in profit levels using percents.

Again, a part of, or group of people can be estimated based on a percentage.

Also, shops advertise discounts on products using percents. E.g. "Up to 30% off marked prices"

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