Telling Time Worksheets for 6th Grade

Sixth grade telling time exercises with answers

Telling time worksheets for 6th grade provide several vital math skills like convert between seconds - minutes – hours and calculate elapsed time. Besides, our sixth grade telling time exercises with answers will offer your kids a special opportunity to practice with a defined set of time, word problem involving real-life situations.

Important facts about telling time skills for grade 6

As we know, finding elapsed time is an important skill in our daily activities, especially when figuring out the length of time taken to perform a particular task, how much time passes between two or more events, length of time taken to travel from one place to the other, etc.

Having acknowledged the many importance of finding elapsed time, kids will be motivated to learn and master simple ways of reading, measuring and finding elapsed time.

What strategies are best in calculating elapsed time?

Available here are super amazing tips used to easily determine the elapsed time, i.e.  the amount of time that passes between the start of an event to the end of the event.

What therefore are best strategies in calculation elapsed time?

Firstly, engaging in our telling time worksheets for 6th grade will guide your kids to grab the simplest strategy of finding the elapsed time using the number line.

Being an excellent model to demonstrate and reinforce mathematical thinking, this mental number line model is equally an effective strategy for measuring elapsed time. It’s simple and flexible nature will help kids to easily visualise and count whole hours with a ten-minute interval.

In the second place, our sixth grade telling time exercises with answers have formulated exciting real life word problems clearly stating the length of time per activity. This however is a fun strategy for kids to quickly and easily calculate elapsed time, either using their logical reasoning skills or simply by adding each length of time per activity.

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