6th Grade Three Dimensional Figures Worksheet with Answers - 3D Shapes Worksheets for 6th Grade

Nets of 3D shapes Worksheets PDF for Grade 6

Facilitate kids understanding of 3D shapes with these engaging 6th Grade Dimensional Figures worksheets with Answers. These 3D Shapes Worksheets PDF for 6th grade are so remarkable as they consist of very familiar, visual and well-designed solid shapes, helpful for kids to easily identify number of faces, edges and vertices. In a remarkable way, we aim at empowering kids to learn their own way given our admirable Nets of 3D shapes Worksheets for 6th Grade.

Important fact about three dimensional figures activities for grade 6

In a more amazing way, our exercise, identify polyhedra, is an immediate response to young math learners developing accurate knowledge of regular polygons (2D shapes) and polyhedra (3D objects). However, this exceptional strategy of kids investigating the relationship between polygons and polyhedral will strengthen their understanding of shape’s patterns, surfaces, edges, vertices etc.

As kids enjoy working with nets of 3D shapes, they’ll equally learn more about shapes and their properties in an admirable and constructive way.

How can nets of 3D shapes be used to investigate relationship between 2D and 3D shapes

When we talk about nets of 3D shapes in geometry, we are simply referring to a 2-dimensional shape that can be folded to form a 3-dimensional shape or a solid. As such, nets of 3D shapes can be used to investigate relationship between 2D and 3D shapes.

In our Nets of 3D shapes Worksheets for 6th Grade therefore, you’ll find so many nets of three-dimensional figures, mostly made up of triangles, rectangles, squares etc. These shapes have however been well designed and stretched-out making it easily for kids to visualise, and then work out the correct number of faces, vertices and edge. 

As you’ll notice here, nets are the best and useful learning tools as they are easy to cut out and put together. This activity will thus enable kid’s understanding of shapes such as cubes, rectangular and triangular prisms, cylinder, pentagon, cone, etc. fun and easy.

Significantly, our 6th Grade Dimensional Figures worksheets with Answers will not only enhance kids understanding of the geometry of 3D shapes, but will build kids confidence in using special math language when describing shapes and their features.

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