6th Grade Symmetry and Transformation Worksheets - Mixed Transformation Worksheets with Answers for 6th Grade

Describing transformation worksheets for grade 6

6th grade symmetry and transformation worksheet is an exciting resource provided to give kids the practice to easily slide, flip and turn   points and shapes. In a more interactive way, these mixed transformation worksheets with answers for 6th grade will motivate their understanding in describing transformation worksheets for grade 6.

However, learning how to describe symmetric movements through diagrams in a geometric environment is a great way to attract kid’s interest on both the action of symmetric transformation and its result.

In a more interesting way, we’ll notice that translation, rotation and reflection are examples of mathematical operations that you can strategically perform on an object.

Important fact about translation, reflection and rotation

Below are important facts about translation, reflection and rotation, helpful enough to enable your kids smartly transform objects from one initial state to another.

In the first place, kids should note that translation and rotation cause a shape to move from one position to another. When translating a shape, you can move it up or down or from side to side, but you cannot change its appearance in any other way. That is to say, when a shape is translated, each of the vertices (corners) must be moved in exactly the same way.

Secondly, reflection causes a shape to have a duplicate of itself. If you look into a mirror for example, you’ll see your own image. You or the object and image appear to be the same distance and angle away from the mirror. The mirror acts as a line of reflection, through which your image is copied.

Thirdly, rotation is simply a transformation that turns a figure about a fixed point. For instance if you put a sheet of paper on a table and place your pen in the middle of it, you can rotate the paper whilst keeping the pen in a fixed position. The pen is acting as a centre of rotation and you can rotate an object around it, anywhere between 0° and 360°.

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