3D Shapes Worksheets for Grade 3 with Answers - Three-Dimensional Shapes and Their Properties

3d Shapes in Real-Life Worksheet

Specially designed 3D shapes worksheets for grades 3 with answers offer amazing secrets to kids on how to identify three-dimensional shapes and their properties.

Moreover, to build genuine 3D shapes skills in our 3rd graders, we will explore and connect many 3d shapes in real-life worksheets and several math concepts.

As we always see in our day-to-day life, every object we encounter, whether natural or human-made, is formed in its specific size and shape. This, therefore, justifies our purpose for creating 3d shapes in real-life activities.

In fact, identifying and describing these objects’ properties will be of great importance in strengthening kids’ fluently communicating about shapes anywhere and at any time.

These math concepts will rapidly develop 3D shapes recognition skills to pave the way for a fast understanding of other math concepts such as geometry, measurement, algebra, etc.

What are simple strategies for kids’ accessible counting properties of 3D shapes?

Do you want your kid to become 3D shape description pros? Oh yes! For sure.

Simply make your kid’s day remarkable with these exceptionally designed 3D shapes worksheets for grades 3 with answers. Our intentions are aimed at providing simple strategies for kids’ accessible counting properties of 3D shapes.

In other words, we will learn how to identify basic three-dimensional shapes based on their names and properties, i.e. each shape’s number of faces, edges, and vertices.

  • Face: A face is a flat surface on a 3-D shape. For instance, the top of a table is flat.
  • Edge: the edge is that line that connects two faces.
  • Vertices: Vertices are corner points.  This is where faces and edges come together and meet.
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