Grade 3 Estimation Worksheets Pdf - Rounding Numbers Worksheets with Answers 3rd Grade

Estimation Word Problems 3rd Grade

Get your kids ready to grab these fun grade 3 estimation worksheets pdf. also, you’ll find here extra amazing and useful strategies for easy rounding numbers worksheets with answers 3rd grade. Just being a 3rd grader, these kids will basically learn to round to the nearest ten, hundred and thousand only.

Besides in a bid to simply estimating sums and differences, we equally aim at providing kids with captivating estimation word problems 3rd grade skills. Such skills will enable your kids learn how to apply estimation strategies to predict sums and difference of two digit numbers in a problem solving context.

Secret to easy estimating sums and differences?

As we can recall, to estimate means to find an answer that is close to the exact answer. Hence, the only secret to easy estimating sums and differences is to;

First of all round the numbers, by changing them to the nearest power of ten, hundred, thousand, etc.

When rounding, note that :

  • If the number being rounded is less than 5, round down.
  • If the number being rounded is 5 or greater than 5, round up.

Next, you can now use your mental math skills to estimate an answer.

Just as easy as you’ll see, our estimation worksheets consist of quite a lot of fun and super exciting practice exercises for kids to master rounding and estimating numbers in a quick way.

Best fun estimation and rounding exercises for 3rd grade

Available here are Best fun estimation and rounding exercises for 3rd grade. They include:

Rounding: nearest ten or hundred only; rounding; rounding money amounts; rounding puzzles; estimate sums up to 1,000; estimate sums; estimate sums word problems; estimate differences up to 1,000; estimate differences; estimate differences: word problems; solve inequalities using estimation; estimate sums and differences: word problems; estimate products; estimate quotients; two-step word problems: identify reasonable answers.

What are the advantages for kids estimating sums, differences, products and quotients?

It is very important for kids to begin learning estimation skills at their very young ages. As a result, our grade 3 estimation worksheets pdf will point to you some of the advantages for kids estimating sums, differences, products and quotients.

Firstly, estimation is a quick way of calculating the approximate answer to a math problem.

Secondly, estimation skills are a great guide to kid’s cross-checking answers to find approximate values.

Also, this skill is of great important to kids as they won’t spend too much time doing lengthy math problems.

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